Packages: Shows and Performances

Artist in Residence

Want Robbo to visit? Mix & match the following concerts/shows to suit your community.

Turn on your imagination with Robbo

Duration: 1 hour
For kids ages 3-7, and families, Turn On Your Imagination is the show that Robbo has been performing across the country since 1992. Kids become friends with a giant in in Giant in my Closet, overcome their fear of the dark with Monsters, Go Away, and enjoy rapping to their favorite desert in Milk and Cookie and Rap. Dads even join him on stage for the wacky Booku Dance! And of course, kids get to fly like superheroes to crowd favorite Blanket Kid.

A Kids Life

Duration: 1 hour
For school kids in grades 3-6, A Kid’s Life is Robbo’s one man show that deals with the choices kids face every day. Choosing to stay away from drugs, choosing to lift others up, choosing to avoid falling in with a negative crowd and choosing to use words kindly, are all things examined in this show, in which Robbo plays six different characters, each with their own distinctive voices and stories.

Mitzvah Man

Duration: 1 hour
For kids ages 3-10, and their families, this show combines the Robbo’s original hits from both the Jewish and secular world. From the tongue twisting Tower of Babel, to the inspiring Mitzvah Man, from the joys of eating Bubbe’s Chicken Soup, to the inspiration of being a Part of a Chain, Robbo also can incorporate holiday favorites into this performance, depending on the time of year he performs for you.

Camp-style sing-along for adults

Duration: 1 hr
As a camp song leader since 1988, Robbo gets great enjoyment in performing classic songs from the sixties and seventies for adults and high school aged kids. In addition, if appropriate for your community, Robbo would love to perform Hebrew and Yiddish songs for your seniors.

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