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November 01, 2001


Robbo is a Parent's Choice Gold Award winning singer and songwriter of children's songs, and is one of the most sought after children's performers in America. He has performed in hundreds of cities across the United States since 1989 -- including three trips to the White House! His CD 'A Kid's Life' is for kids aged 6-12. Bullies, Braces, Homework and not being able to quite leave behind that favorite 'Teddy Bear' are some of the topics with which this CD deals. Featuring the voice talents of Oscar and Emmy award nominated celebrities (and one FONZIE, aka Henry Winkler), this CD's songs are really the true STARS of the production. This CD is a must for anyone who has ever been a child and for anyone who likes kid's music to be the very opposite of boring!

A Kid’s Life

  • Everything We Do
  • Jimmy Knucklesandwich
  • Julie Hagerty's Lost it Again!
  • I Lose Everything
  • Steve Harris & Laura San Giacomo Impress Their Teacher
  • The Hoggy Doggy
  • Linda Gray Adores Someone Special
  • Grandma's House
  • Vanna White Educates Her Snoring Hubby
  • Homework
  • Teri Garr Stands Up For Right
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Armin Shimmerman Gets Braces
  • Braces
  • Michael Badalucco Wants To Go Home
  • I'm Homesick
  • Bill Fagerbakke Loves Stuffing
  • Teddy Bear
  • Wilford Brimley Lays Down The Law
  • Strike Three
  • JD Bennett II: Fastest Tongue in the West, East, North and South
  • Twist Your Tongue
  • Robert Duncan McNeill Has Good Words for a Great Dad
  • Sing Me Another Song
  • Henry Winkler Talks to all of You COOL Kids
  • Everything We Do

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